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Stylish Braided Hair Styles Stylish Braided Hair Styles

Keep your locks classy and feminine with these stylish braided hair styles. Learn more about the various patterns and braiding techniques that would help you sport a unique design for different events. Regardless of the length of your hair embed the cool accessories into your do. Take a closer look at these fab examples on how to pull off some of the most fabulous braided hair styles of the season.

Hair Highlights For Black Hair

Bag yourself a smashing hair color and add a few extra accessories to your look with the cool hair highlights for black hair. Take a peek at the hair style alternatives below and pick the one that suits your personality and lays the perfect foundation of an A-list appearance. Enhance your locks with shine and volume for a 'va-va-'voom' impression.

Easy Glam Curly Updo Hair Styles Easy Glam Curly Updo Hair Styles

Break the Plain Jane look and dress up your locks with stylish curls. The easy glam curly updo hair styles below serve as the best hair styling options for a formal event be it a wedding or Prom. Use a high quality curling or flat iron and finish up your brand new do with a spritz of shine serum for the glittery glam impression. Charm your friends and admirers with a similar DIY hair style and pair it with the length as well as texture of your strands.

Emo Hair Color Ideas

Rainbow hair styles are the A-list hairdo alternatives of Emo music and fashion style fans. The Emo hair color ideas below offer loads of inspiration to grab that hair dye kit and enhance the plain and worn-out strands with a patch of versatility. Choose the most eye-pleasing shades as well as make a statement with your hair coloring method to launch a real craze among your friends to experiment with the latest hair color trends in edgy hair styling.

Blunt Bangs Long Hair Styles

Looking for some drama for your next hair makeover? The pick your favorite design from the stylish blunt bangs long hair styles below. These would furnish you with chic ideas on how to choose the right shape and length of your bangs and sport them as the perfect statement accessories. Find out how to match your hair texture and length with the various bangs trends.

Cool Purple Hair Color Trend Cool Purple Hair Color Trend

Choosing a radiant hair color is one of the ultimate solutions to punk up your do and honor your reputation as a real hair style chameleon. The purple hair color trend provides the style-conscious and edgy hair tone fan public with the most stylish ideas to break up the monotony of a blocky-hue hair style. Use your creativity to cover your locks with this fab hue partially or completely depending on your preferences.

Blonde Hair Highlights Ideas For Brunettes

In spite of the arrival of the rainy season you can still enjoy the heart-warming effect of the highlights. The blonde hair highlights ideas for brunettes showed below will boost your mood as well as enhance your locks with the desired volume and a natural fab shine. Use your hair styling skills to place the colored streaks to the best spots to complement your face shape and base hair tone.

Straight Bangs Hairstyles Straight Bangs Hairstyles

There are a variety of bangs styles to choose from and one of the most popular ones are straight bangs. Gorgeous, stylish and with face framing abilities, straight bangs hairstyles are increasing in popularity and it's no surprise why.

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Hair Highlights and LowlightsHair highlights as well as lowlights can  be a wonderful way to perk up your look being an instant makeover for your tresses. Depending on the look you are after highlights and lowlights can be used together or separately and the colors vary accordingly.

Like most of us know, highlighting our hair is defined as the process of lightening the hair color with at least two shades, being the perfect option for those who are eager to obtain a sun kissed glow without making a radical change. The thickness of the highlights is decided by the person who ops for this change. Generally speaking, the thicker the highlighted strands are the natural they look.

Lowlights on the other hand are generally not as popular compared to highlights. The process of lowlighting is basically the reverse process and the strands are darkened with at least two shades. Lowlights are a great choice when you want to emphasize the color of your highlights without creating a dramatic contrast.

Lowlights do not have such a dramatic effect compared to highlights, but they are recommended when you have highlighted your hair too much or when you want to get a closer shade compared to your hair color.
Highlights and Lowlights PictureJennifer Aniston Hair Highlights and Lowlights

Both hair highlights and lowlights can be obtained  using various techniques:  
Foiling is most commonly used for highlighting as well as lowlighting. This technique involves coloring separate hair sections being an optimal method when coloring the hair roots is desired. The  method is used to create multi-tonal  hair. There are various methods that can be used for foiling depending on the what exactly you are trying to accomplish.

Slicing is a technique that is used to color the strands underneath the top layer of the hair. Another method is weaving  which is quite similar to slicing. Paneling, also called color blocking is a simple method that consists of securing strands using foils. This technique is generally used when contrasting or complimentary colors are being used.

Frosted tips is a very simple method of highlighting hair that basically involves dyeing only the ends of the hair. Usually only about 1 or 2 inches are being dyed using this method. Those who want to have a funky hairstyle generally turn to this type of procedure.

Tyra Banks Highlights Hair ColorChunky Hair HighlightsFlash Highlights

Painting is a viable option for those who would like to obtain a sun kissed effect. The only materials you need are a paining brush and a comb. Those who are tempted to try this method at home should exercise caution as large amounts of hair dye can easily damage the hair.

Chunking is a method that is used when bold changes are desired. Basically the hairstylist dye a  section of your hair according to the instructions you give him. Some people choose to dye their bangs in a daring color but others want several chunks of hair to be dyed in a different color.

Balayage is a popular technique that emerged in 1970s and became popular in the 1990s. With this method the color at the base it's very light while at the top the color is a lot more intense. Although the process is quite time consuming the highlights generally look more natural and as a result many people prefer this technique.  

The best highlights and lowlights can be be obtained at a professional salon. An experienced stylist will be able to make the best recommendations for getting the best results. The costs of these procedures vary from salon to salon but they are normally a bit higher than a regular dye.

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